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Friday, February 29, 2008

About that voting situation...

I'm still not happy. I probably won't be happy when conventions are over, and I don't know how I could be happy when elections are done. That's what's wrong with truly supporting a candidate who doesn't win, I guess.
Anyway, my alternative is Ralph Nader, who recently declared his candidacy. "What?" you say in confusion; "Who are you, and why are you on this blog?"
Here's the story, as briefly as I can tell it in the 1.5 minutes I have to do so. About a year ago, I read a book by Ralph Nader that changed many of my opinions about him. I would never assume a person could be a good president because he wrote an interesting book (think about what camp that might put me in...). But I liked what he had to say about life in general, and about his upbringing, and what the U.S. once was and still can be, if the majority want the same key elements (which isn't true in the U.S. today).
So, regardless of politics or his campaign, I recommend "The Seventeen Traditions" by Ralph Nader. Add a few essential gospel-based traditions, and you will have an excellent blueprint for family and community life.
I guess the bottom line here is this: politics are simply not going to make me unhappy for very long...

Alisa fired me, but inspired me...

...And I'm assured pictures are not essential (though much more interesting -years of newspaper work convinced me of that!), so I'm jumping into the "Open to page 123" gimmick. Open a book to page 123. Go to the fifth sentence, then type in the next three. Let people try to guess the book title. Take it run with it if it sounds fun.
Here's my oh, so obscure entry: "Just after he had graduated from medical school he was talking one night with Judge Start, an old friend of his father's. What did he plan to do? the judge asked. After a year or two in his father's office, what then?"
I would go so far as to say I will offer a financial reward to anyone who can guess it, it's that obscure.
AJ, once again, you're more in the know than others (sorry, but that's a hint I didn't wish to give her), so if you get it, the reward will probably not be a cash remuneration... Something good, though, like coming to help you when you have your baby. ;-}