The North Dakota Coxes (Four of us left)

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

I still like North Dakota!

That's a typical sunrise - and I do mean typical - framed by our porch roof; I never get tired of the beautiful skies here in North Dakota. I wish I had a picture of a sundog, or a pillar, or an aurora borealis (though that's a summer phenomenon - the aforementioned phenomena are ice crystal-infuenced, and therefore winter only), to illustrate my point. But for now, this will have to do.
And though we spent the Valentine's Day weekend in mild weather in Denver (one day was 60 degrees), I am not itching to move there. Not yet. I haven't had enough of the peaceful lifestyle, the 180-degree skies, and even the cold, to want out of this place where the people fill the hole in my heart that family would fill if family could be near. For now, we will love traveling to new places, spending time with our beyond-wonderful families, and seeing the sites; but we will keep going home to North Dakota.

...But here are the daughters we enjoyed, enjoying the sights, sounds, and smells (fine, it's not all enjoyment) of the Denver Zoo.

...And here's Denver's capitol, complete with a goldleafed dome and a monolith reminiscent of Washington's, calulated to impress tourists like us (well, we took a picture, so it must have done its job);

...and three stooges - Suzie, Alisa, and Tim - enjoying the warm day in Downtown Denver;

...and the lovebirds-soon-to-be-parents we went to see!

Thanks, Nate and Alisa, for a fun weekend! (Though we are not buying property by the Rockies yet, we got a different, good feel for your future home.) Wish we could spend every holiday with family!!

The smaller the toilet paper roll, the faster it goes...

Our mission president, President Cannon, used a toilet paper roll (which had been used already in the meeting to illustrate a bale of hay) to make the point that life seems to race by faster and faster (though he was speaking specifically of their mission nearing an end, it applies to life in general). And so it goes.
As the worst blogger on the block (or in the world), I realize our site is not one visited often because of its... lack of additions. But it seems like a good place nevertheless to express my - what shall I call it but fascination? - of all of you whose blogs I check also too infrequently but who make me laugh, smile, long to be with or see you, or just think. Most of you are packing much more into your days; I am simply moving more slowly and not performing as efficiently. But not because I'm old! Heavens, no, I'm far from that! Simply because it has become my modus operandi.
So why the toilet paper analogy? Because it's passing faster and faster, regardless of what I'm doing!
In my rambling way I'm just trying to say thank you for your fun and interesting blogs; though I check in seldom, and blog even less, I feast when I take the time!