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Monday, March 16, 2009

True blogging, like FaceBook, is...

I've faced a long-approaching reality: I'm the older generation. And with that reality weighing upon me like the 250-pound weights at the Y that I can't lift (and won't try, don't worry - I only do nicely controlled machine lifting, and then light weights, more repetitions - but that's a story for another day - boy, do I get distracted!), I am seeing a techno-trend that I never wanted to acknowledge: you who grew up using computers the way we grew up using bicycles are just better at it.
And while there are plenty of mid-gens bucking tradition and opening FaceBook accounts and blogging regularly, I have had to accept my personal plodding as who I am and who I choose to remain. True blogging, the kind many of our kids, neices and nephews check in on and even do, along with FaceBook, is for the techno-savvy generation, or for those who've proven themselves able and willing to straddle the boundless chasm of those born into the computer age and those who learned as adults. I'm the latter. So don't confuse my minimal contributions with laziness or disinterest. Oh, no. I'm just too darn slow at the process for it to be worth the time, most of the time.
So I just want to know: How DO you all find time to contribute, read, and generally spend time on the computer?? I have no small children, only two teens to keep up with, I don't work full-time, and yet life is never an empty blog page, waiting to be filled... How do you do it?

...And here's a random visual for anyone like me, who needs a picture; Mel is the modest one, with friends, all going to a "Winter formal". I'm withholding further comments... She may want to say more eventually.