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Friday, March 09, 2012

Just don't say anything...

So, Mel was tired of my sunset picture. How 'bout a sunrise, then? ;-)
I have so many fun pictures from our Christmas together in AZ, I'm really struggling to choose just a few. Loading the photos on my camera since then showed me I am really neglecting the pictorial side of life. I'll figure out what to do while I verbally update...
The fact is, life has changed since my last post: I'm now the Early Morning Seminary Teacher for the Bismarck youth; and while I always appreciated those teachers and what they did, I didn't think too much about it because all I ever did was drop in to speak, or substitute (a little more eye-opening, but still not enough to show me how different it is from Institute). But now that the role is mine, I realize how consuming it can be. I am not a super-efficiency expert like Cindy Harding or Madeline Free/Habib (past teachers of our kids), and I'm not a quick-prepare pro like Nate or Glenn (who've also taught E.M. Seminary recently). So I spend A LOT of time at it. And I kept my Primary calling by choice (chorister - so much fun, but also a lot of work), so the only reason I finally made it to the blog zone at all is a four-day weekend with nowhere to go - realistically, that is. And now that I finished the first season of my new, cursed addiction, the series on HuluPlus called "Lost" (blame Alisa, but talk to me personally for an explanation of why I'm so hooked), I have no more excuses and only guilt. So here goes...

Some of the boys...

Some of the girls...

Some groupy shots...

And some that are just too sweet to pass up.

And as for the time since Christmas...

...Peculiarities abound.
(Okay, this group needs SOME explanation: in spite of this mild winter we're having, a little hoarfrost brings out the hidden "wonders" that might have stayed invisible until the next round of spiders had to be wiped away. Suzie was breaking in some fancy dance shoes. Don't ask any more questions - you'll get THE LOOK too. I've never seen a two-yolk egg. Now I have, and so have you. And, Suzie finds interesting ways to keep her feet warm when she didn't bother to wear socks on the trampoline.)
Sorry the post is so elongated - as in, one pic at a time. That's not how I laid it out, but tech is not my forte... Anyway, hope it was worth your time! See you later. I make no promises about how MUCH later... I still have to prepare Seminary until May, y'know...

Sunday, March 04, 2012


I am very tired of typing in the address for this lovely blog only to see the SAME picture of the lovely North Dakota sunset, so I'm taking things into my own hands. Also, I'm trying to keep from falling asleep on this nice Sunday afternoon (I know, unbelievable).

I saw most of you at Christmas, so I suppose I could throw in some fun facts in the 2 months that have passed.

This is actually from before the break, right as I was switching rooms. You can see my birthday quilt (thanks Mom and Dad :D), and my belongings, which are much more organized now.

I WENT TO MY FIRST EVER the Wilk. It was Matt Costa (Don't worry, I'd never heard of him before either), and it was a fun little experience with some friends.

This is my roomate, Mariah. Living with her has been such a joy. She is one of the most kindhearted and accommodating people I've known, so living with her is just easy, and lots of fun. On Valentine's Day, we knew, along with our friend Sarah, that we weren't gonna have Valentines, so we were eachother's Valentines. I am also holding my nerf-gun-turned-cupid-arrows (thanks Suzie!). I wrote little messages on the darts ("just kiss her" "this doesn't happen every day" etc) and then shot random couples. However, most people didn't read the darts and got offended by being shot at; I'll wear wings next year, so maybe it will be clearer.

And I did end up having a fun date that night with my friend Skyler. We got frozen yogurt (of course) and talked for a long time. Relaxed and fun.

We had a day off for President's day, so a bunch of us decided to go on a hike to Stewart Falls. In the middle of winter--we're freshmen, give us a break :D. But we weren't adequately dressed so some of us thought we would be smart and hike Timp instead. KIDDING. We just hung out and pretended to make a fire and laughed and stuff.

And just this last weekend we went and played broomball at the 7 peaks ice arena. I had a serious advantage with 3 years of practice from high school gym class (one of the few head-starts Bismarck Public Schools gave me). I have lots of bruises, but no pictures, so you will just have to imagine me running all over the ice. I did score 2 goals and ran into people a lot, so it was a good use of time.

So this post is a random selection of things I've done, but I mostly picked the pictures from what was available on facebook. Speaking of which, that is a pretty accurate depiction of how I'm doing. I love being able to stay in touch with you guys that way. (Also, it was great seeing the COXES this week--thanks for making the time in your busyness, Ben and Em! It meant a lot). I love being so close to the Adamzes.


Ok, permission to Blog returned to Yomamma. Signing out.