The North Dakota Coxes (Four of us left)

Some things simply matter more than others

Sunday, December 19, 2010


I went to Idaho for a friend's wedding, and my wonderful cousin Kathy and her family hosted a gathering! My amazing sisters, some super nieces, and a friend from Bismarck who traveled with me (to pick up her son from BYU-I) had an incredible amount of fun in a day and two nights. Though maybe we "didn't have enough fun," every second was a blast, and I'm so grateful we got together! Thanks to the Jemmetts, and thanks to Darcia, Reida, Nancy, Ane, Alta, Kelly, Celina, and Karleen for reminding me what delightful people I grew up with, and continue to have in my life! Though the pictures are only so-so and not very telling, it was definitely a gift I cherish!

Allen and Kathy, the hosts with the most!

The proof that my photographer's cap was not on: I don't have a good picture of Alta, and none of Ane... But trust me, they were in on every bit of the fun...

Steven dealt with all the hormones with a smile on his face!

Karleen and her whopping 4-month old, Kamille

Isn't she just cute like Mom?

Two of the four cousins (plus second cuz Karleen)that took time from their lives to play with us old girls...Did you hide when I pulled out the camera, Ane?

Thanks for the memories - SURE DO LOVE Y'ALL!

Monday, December 06, 2010

Red Alert! Melanie is an adult!

It's not hard to remember when Melanie came into the world (well, for those of us who are older, that is). It wasn't so long ago, right? Well, reality is this: Mel is 18 today! I can't pretend she's my effervescent, gregarious, articulate little girl any more... But she will always be my effervescent, gregarious, articulate daughter. Love you, Mel-Mel! I know you're going to change the world, in your own unique and clever way. Happy Birthday, Sweet cheeks!