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Monday, March 07, 2011

About Mel, and Suzie

This girl is busy by choice. From a school winter "formal"

to a "Rave" - black lights and loud music and in this case, a peacock costume;
to the midwinter play (more costumes)

to a vocal recital, she fits it all in - along with church, school work, and work for the all mighty (or at least all necessary) dollar;
...Always with a smile and a good argument for why we should let her try everything.

I think she will do fine at BYU. I'm mentally preparing already. 'Scuse me while I grab a tissue...

And while the pictures do nothing for the energy and fun Suzie exudes, be assured that this girl keeps us moving, and guessing, and laughing.

Not hard to tell who her best bud is. Don't know if she's mentally preparing, but she's definitely appreciating. And of course that's good for all of us.

Ah, caboosies. What would we do without 'em? More pointedly, what WILL I do without them to keep me busy and entertained? Glad it's not yet...