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Monday, June 30, 2008

Our excitement is on the other blogs...

This photo isn't even recent; it's just one of my favorite sunrise shots from our front door. I tried to catch some amazing lightning one night recently, but I didn't take time (and didn't really have the equipment) to do it justice. So, just so those of you who look for something new have something new to look at, here are a couple of ND scenes I love. ;-}
For the real excitement in our lives, check our kids' blogs for the cutest grandies ever! AJ's sweet baby, time with the Byron Bunch and the Chicago kids, and the fun we are looking forward to with the rest in the next two weeks, will all be delightful topics for a later post...

Sunday, June 01, 2008

School Year's Ending for Mel and Suzie

Awards,singing and friends - all evidence of the end of another school year for Cox kids!

Suzie with a couple of her year-end awards; between Mel's and hers, the fridge was plastered!

Mel singing "Part of Your World" at the final concert of ninth grade...Suzie said she did her best ever, and coming from Suzie, that's good praise!

Melanie gathered with a group of good friends (and one stray guy who jumped in for fun)at the ninth grade awards ceremony.

And Suzie gathered with a group of sixth grade friends for a limo ride on the last day of school! (Mel also took a limo ride - hers was a limo SUV...pretty sweet and smooth, girls!)

Also on the last day, Mel invited about a million friends for a ninth grade farewell party... Here are just a few of them through the back window, on the trampoline (obviously jumping, since Mel's hair is flying)!

Have a great summer, everyone!