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Friday, February 05, 2010

Grandma talks... And Mommy's a pig!

Back in the day - a half century ago, maybe less - a guy named Art Linkletter interviewed young children on a TV show he hosted, "Kids Say the Darndest Things!" Well, a half century later, maybe less, they still do!
All grandparents love their grandkids, and think they say funny, cute or memorable things. I'm no different, and I'm here to share a few with you:

Stella calls me "Grandma Talks." Maybe it's a kid-size morphing of Cox = Tox; but it sounds like Talks, and that, well, y'know, fits me!

Andrew prefers Grandma Silly. One day he told his mom, "Grandma calls me Roo." "What do you think of that?" she asked him. "It's silly! If she calls me Roo, I'll call her Grandma Silly!" (Did he know my blog already referred to me that way, or did he influence the blog moniker? I guess it's a little like, what came first, the chicken or the egg...)

One day before Christmas, Charlie answered the phone when I called; his bright, happy "Hello, Grandma!" surprised me (he's too young to check caller ID). I said,"Wow, Charlie, how did you know it was me?" He was silent for a moment, then said, "Well, I'm big now, Grandma!"

Xander's imagination requires a new identity for each member of his family every day, these days. Sometimes they are all Shrek characters, or Star Wars, or some other movie or kid-TV identities. He decides, then that's the way it is all day. The next morning - time for a new identity! He even prays for his daddy at work by the day's designated character name! One day I called and he wanted to tell me the day's assignments, all farm animals: "I'm a duck. Dad's a sheep. Zeke's a ram." I asked, "What's Mommy?" "And Mommy's a pig!" What did Shan think of being called a pig? Well, that was the day's role, so she wore it like a... like a mom.

Enjoy those little monkeys - or storm troopers, or green ogres, or "big", aware, wonderful children. And try to remember all the fun things they say; their lines might become part of the ongoing family dialogue!
(For instance: We occasionally say, "I have muscles - I have diahrrea too." All because of a declaration over the fence to a neighbor, from 3-year old Ben!
~ Or there's "Bookhug!" [pronounced boo-kug] from little Melanie's plea for the whole family and everyone else in the house to get in on a Group HUG.
~ Or, a younger Suzie walking out of a room where AJ and Josh were hiding during a family game of hide'n seek, saying, "I think they're under the covers doing something..."
~ Oh, one more - in honor of Alisa's upcoming birthday. She was ever the parrot of popular media, and these lines of hers verify it: "I think - I think it's my new party dress... It IS!" And a year or two later: "Never underestimate the power of BODY LANGUAGE" with some decidedly grown up hip swivels thrown in for shock value... And her most oft-repeated, in the months before Mel was born: "I'm the baby, gotta love me! But not for long!" There's something slightly scarey in the mixed-up phrasing...) Alisa was right -- Gotta love 'em!