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Friday, April 04, 2008

April Fool's - Here are some real vacation pix!

Okay, not paradise, but the desert flowers really were pretty, and fragrant too! I took this picture near our hotel room, as night fell.

At least there were palm trees! This is Mel, right in the center of the Palm oasis, in the heart of Joshua Tree National Park - what's scientifically termed Mohave desert, I think...

The silly scenery in our hotel room: relaxing was a great vacation!

Okay, we didn't go to Paradise... But we did get to know what a Joshua Tree is: not a tree, not a cactus, it's a yucca (yeah, yeah, I know - it fits), and it was named by Mormon pioneers, who, in their delirous state, thought it looked like Joshua beckoning them to the promised land. Bless those poor souls...

Not exactly a forest, and certainly not a tropical jungle, but fascinating anyway

Swimming antics with Buff Ben

The Palm Springs skyline at Sunset

Tuesday, April 01, 2008