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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy Birthday to Suzie!

Our caboose, our final purchase, our BABY turned 14 and loves being a young woman! She thinks she's pretty big stuff, though we all know she's still a half-pint; But she's a pretty awesome person, and I think the whole clan joins in wishing her well (thanks to those who called) as she embarks on the year when she:
~Can start driving (learner's permits are still an option at 14 in ND - but don't worry, she won't be on the roads anytime soon;-)
~Can go to dances
~May have/attend boy/girl parties
~Becomes a Mia Maid
~Finally gets a phone! (I know, sibs, it seems we're spoiling the baby; it IS one of those things that's moved downward age-wise. But it's a convenience for Mom, Dad and Mel as much as a "keeping up with peers" device for her (and she's still got more limitations and less perks than anyone...just ask her!)
Suzie's doing good things in her life. She's got her share of quirks and faults, like the rest of us humans, but we want her to know, as she wanders into the world of more responsibility and accountability, that we love her and are proud of her!
Happy Birthday, Suzie!

After a school choir concert, with Alyssa, her next-door friend from baby-hood, who's an easy foot taller now!

A quilt she made for a YW project, with help from a couple of seasoned quilters in the ward

Basking in the sun: one of her favorite things...

Monday, October 26, 2009

Arizona, Albuquerque, and American Mothers

Tim and I went on a vacation of sorts in early October, while Mel and Suzie slaved away at school. (Hey, it wasn't my idea to leave them home; they're so stinkin' dedicated...) First, we were with the Gibbys and Ben Coxes in the Valley of the Sun for Conference weekend. Space and the limitations of my photography mean you get less than we did. But it's still worth a peek...

(David was enjoying the cool of the tile floor.)

A peek at the grandies, that is... All the adults were busy, you see. ;-}
And I think it's official enough to mention that, while there, we learned of another Gibby on order! Hooray for #5 for them, 12 grandies for us! Bless you, Emily, through the grunge days of pregnancy...

Then we went to Albuquerque (for work meetings) during the International Balloon Festival!
Hundreds of hot-air balloons in as many designs and from all over the world:

We were there early in the morning, and the views were far better than I can provide for you. Trust me, it was memorable!

So many balloons, so little space on a blog...

That's the moon in the western sky, as the sun was coming up in the east; Mr. Moon actually looked much bigger and more impressive...

And, even though I'm posting no beautiful pictures of New Hampshire in the Fall, I still want to mention my visit there for board meetings of American Mothers, Inc.
The leaves were not yet changed (it was still September-the week of my birthday), and I really didn't spend much time enjoying the glories of NH: we, the board members of this national non-profit organization, were in meetings from 8 a.m. until 10 p.m. each day! But it was a great learning experience, and I was reminded again that there are thousands of moms across this country who feel as I do: that motherhood is the most important, most meaningful career of all, and the sanctity of home and family has to be watched over and even fought for by organizations like American Mothers - thus my involvement. A worthwhile cause deserves a little crusading, you know? ;-] If you want to know more, you can check out the website, The site itself is evolving, as is the organization, because even great ideas have to be marketed well...
Of course, the best organization for guarding and guiding families is the organization that was created by God Himself to help families get Home to Him: the Church of Jesus Christ. Which brings us full circle, to my mention of Conference weekend. Lacking the eloquence of others, and especially of those who spoke with the power of the Spirit, I close my mouth, and my post, with gratitude for a weekend that fuels us for six months. What a blessing!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Travelin' Mama

I've been to New Hampshire, Arizona and New Mexico - and spent a lot of days at home, I confess, though none of them were empty or boring - since my last post. Since I'm not much for journaling and more of a photo album blogger, I'll leave it at that until I post with visuals. Ta Ta For Now!