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Friday, November 20, 2009

A mini - update; more to come...

When has November been so warm in North Dakota?? Suzie was loving the sunshine and we took a handful of silly pics, of which this is representative. ;-}

Mel's wings, Suzie's wearing them, both are dancing - life is made for moments like this...

As for Mel, she kept busy through the Fall with this year's musical, "Beauty and the Beast", where she was a young girl in the "little town, little peaceful village..." Yes, a chorus girl - but it was better than being a man (last year she was a pirate), and she sure knows how to make her little parts into BIG fun!
I also have to tell you that she made the choice to not practice or perform on Sunday, limiting her options for parts. Tough choice. Awesome kid. No, awesome young woman, and I know she will always be glad she honored whom she honored by her choice.

The lady in the photo is actually her viola instructor, but they are great buds - and it's the best picture I got. Ana M. probably has a roomful of great shots: she went to every show since Ammon was Lumiere... (Speaking of Ana, she took nice photos of Mel and Ammon at his prom last year, but I forgot to post them in a timely manner, so all anyone got to see were her CHS date...So sorry. Now seems much too much later.)
So there you have it. Our Indian summer came late, but it came, and we are grateful for every mild second of it. And, we are ready to PARTY THROUGH THE HOLIDAYS WITH FAMILY!