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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Birthday to the Youngest! And please don't disbelieve in us...

Happy Birthday to Suzie, the youngest of the Cox Clan! Today you enter the teen years: so fun, but so full of pitfalls... You're beautiful, you're good, you're committed, you're strong physically and spiritually, you're talented, and you're the baby of the family! Don't let that last aspect mess up all the others! Know, every day, that you have a large mob of family and countless others who love you and are cheering for you today and always!

This entry is from a hotel room in Portland, Oregon while I'm traveling with Tim and not with Suzie on her big day. (Thanks, Packards and Mel, for making it fun in our absence!)As Mel declared last time, we are the worst bloggers - Dan and Emmi even verified it when Tim and I visited them. The truth hurts, but it's still the truth... Well, I'm not promising to turn over any new leaves, but I am promising there will be a new highly visual entry soon - and it will be worth the wait for anyone who still bothers with us - after I am through traveling and can sit down in front of the computer to update.

This is a different kind of entry for me; why must I always blog with pictures, you may ask -- Why not just some comments now and then, so at least there are entries? Good question, since many of you do that and I enjoy YOUR entries. I guess I have to confess that I am a kid when it comes to reading: I like pretty pictures in books, and I always read the captions under the pictures before I read anything else on the page -newspapers and magazines especially. Yes, the truth is, I am a visual junkie, perhaps even more than a word bird. No wonder I'm no longer a journalist. I savor others' words much more than my own, but feel mine are unworthy without a picture to go with them.

So there you have it. No tag game, just true confessions from an unfocused blogger and computer user. So don't give up on us or cease to believe that we exist. Just don't expect much and you'll never be disappointed! Talk to you soon (with pictures, of course)!