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Sunday, May 24, 2009

It seems to be a family tradition...

So, Suzie was ready for a change, and the change came in the form of a major haircut. Like Natalie, Melanie, AJ, Alisa, and other family members I'm sure, Suzie wanted to donate the 10 inches cut off to Locks of Love, where they make wigs for kids with Alopecia or other hair loss disadvantages. It's a great service, and obviously the best way not to mourn all that fallen hair. The immediately "before" pictures are on my cell phone, so I just picked a random picture that showed off her hair well; the "after" picture is actually the next day, after she fixed it herself. Pretty cute, huh?

Saturday, May 09, 2009

We didn't have enough fun, but thanks for two months!!!

Sam Burton (Elder Burton now), when he was little, would get upset when his mom came to get him from our house (in Roosevelt way back when), because, he would say, "I didn't have enough fun!" What he meant was that he wanted more.
Well, I often feel the same way; Bemarlyles have left after staying with us for two months, and I'm missing them (yes, I go through it with anyone who leaves me behind:-+). But here are some photo highlights of their stay:

Friday, May 08, 2009

Proms and Portland again

The best place to see pictures of Mel's first prom (since I wasn't here taking pictures) is her facebook;

But they are essentially the same, except for the guy (well, which does make a big difference), her hair (well, done far more professionally for the first one by Emilie), and the pictures of friends and other people she enjoyed during the evening (well, I have none of those and she didn't take any either in the second one). Okay, fine. Not at all the same. But she is her beautiful self in both, so there you have it.
The first one was with Ammon Miller, who family members know is in our ward. The second was a guy from school that she didn't know all that well - and we didn't know at all, but is friends with Cameron Seibold (a great guy, son of friends, whom we trust), so we were okay with it. I have to say it: she was the absolute only girl with a dress that had sleeves and covered her...body appropriately. I'm grateful for her, but sad for the rest. What can I say? Modesty is a rare commodity in our world.

As you can see, Portland was lovely again.
I was there for the national convention of American Mothers, Inc., a group I am now serving as a national board member.
Some explanation of the pictures: the group shot is tiny on purpose, since I don't have anyone's permission to post them, but it and the others are just a sampling of the beautiful Rhododendron Garden where we spent some of our rare outdoor time. (Mostly, we were indoors in meetings.)

And because of that permission issue (I actually took more pictures of my many new friends than I did of flowers and scenery), I had to go with the only one of me - not my best shot, obviously, but the rhodo bush made a nice backdrop...
FYI: While rhododendrons are most familiar as the potted plant or nice bushes in yards, they grow to tree size, and flourish in the moist climate of western Oregon. There were rhodos, such as this last one, that were very old. Sure wish I could look so good when I get old. ;->
I'm holding out on you visually, for the sake of space. Portland was gorgeous in the Fall, and proved that Spring is equally beautiful, and does come on time in some places... I know it rains a lot, but I saw sunny days both times I've been there. I'm just a sucker for a visual feast, I guess.