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Sunday, May 02, 2010

'Tis the Season...whatever that means

So, we've got Prom, and soccer games, Stake Conference and stake youth activities, and Tim on the road (or more accurately, the plane) too much... Must be Spring. Notice I didn't mention flowers blooming or birds chirping or anything springing - cuz we live in Nort' Dakota, where Mama Nature is the Queen of Fickle!
Oh, yeah, we've had some 70 degree days; the grass is a lovely green, and the trees are actually working on leaves. But Mel and Suzie have both played soccer games recently in 30-something, windy, poopy weather. And Prom night was rain and wind, with a morning-after temp of 34. Brrrrr. Enjoy your spring elsewhere, y'all, because we are enjoying all of life, but not spring weather. Tim's had it - he's heading for AZ again this week, leaving the girls and me. We must deal with all our obligations and required presence on our own.
Who, me, grumble? Why ever would you think that?
Nevertheless, there are pleasant prom pictures to post, so here you go!

Mel enjoyed showing off her date (a truly nice guy who treated her very well; thank you, Eliot), her hair (thank you Sarah), and her dress, all of which made her (and therefore us)happy.