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Monday, November 21, 2011

A nearly perfect Autumn

OKAY. A perfect Autumn is unobtainable, like any other perfection. But, aside from the obvious objections I would voice myself - not seeing all the families whenever I want to, adjusting to the loneliness that goes with a busier-than-ever husband and only one independent teen at home, not having a teleporter (I guess that's the same thing as the family issue)... It has been a splendid Fall. I'm happy to share my Fall with you - via these few photos and some minimalist narration...

I took Melanie to BYU and, while I couldn't avoid the tears, she couldn't contain her excitement. I think she is happier than even SHE expected...

Suzie turned into a diver and loved it (not discernible from my photos, but true nevertheless).

Weather that was, in a word, idyllic. This is OCTOBER. Yes, our backyard in October was as green and inviting as Spring - enhanced by the colors of Fall. Lots of rain and the bliss of moderate temps until mid-November (and let us not forget tender mercies) made this a gift I gloried in daily.

I saw a long-time favorite singer in concert. That blur is Amy Grant. She sure is a nice person. A very warm & fuzzy evening.

I finally got that shorter hairdo I've been daring myself to get.

Suzie and I took a quick trip to CO to see our Frakes family. As bonus, we saw Ane and Ben Paulsen, moose bugling, gorgeous Fall scenery and still more gorgeous weather. Late October and 70 degrees. I could get used to that.
(P.S. I have rather fascinating footage of the moose bugling. It won't load. Sorry.)

Finally, to preserve this nearly perfect Autumn as long as possible, and to utilize the tree Tim put up a little too early for my tastes, I decorated my first ever Thanksgiving Tree. If he puts it up the first part of November again, I will do it again. I would probably find more ways to make it more Thanks-themed next time...If there is a next time.
Happy Autumn! Happy Thanksgiving! So much to be thankful for. But that would be a really, really, really long post...