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Monday, April 04, 2011

More winter storms, More proms, Another year for Tim and Karla, and Goodbye to Abi

No, we weren't celebrating Christmas again. I think even the snow gets tired of itself, and tries to get creative in these late-winter storms. All the windows were coated, along with outside walls. Once the blasted wind stopped, it was pretty fascinating.

I never get tired of the beauty of hoarfrost. But it's hard to capture. This tree, and all the others, were sparkling like diamonds in the early sunlight. I hope you see more than a bare tree with a little flocking on it...

Mel went to two proms again this year. Though she won't like me posting the pictures (she had a funny expression in every single one), I thought you should see her handsome Minot friend -

- and the group of girls who went and made the evening a lot of fun.

For CHS' prom, she got a gold dress (her heart's desire) that she designed, and a nice guy to take her - a good friend who graduated last year from BHS, so Prom was nice and relaxed.

I didn't take any pictures on our anniversary, and there were no jokes played, so it was a nice, but mellow (maybe slightly boring to some)day. Still, I want to mark the passage of time: 34 years we have been a married couple...No wonder I didn't take any pictures. ;-)

This one just shows my honey being a loving grandpa...Happy Anniversary, TimChucks. We're halfway there (give or take a few) in earth years.

And, Abi. For most of the years we've lived in this house that Tim and the boys built, we've had Abi. She's loving, she smiles, she's smart, she's pretty - and she bites people. She tries to herd them, but that cut it for anyone, including us. So she had to go. For all of you who liked our Abi, here are a few farewell pictures. Mel posed with her, Suzie stayed away. Predictable for their personalities...
Anyway, she's living on a ranch now, with cows and horses and other animals who don't mind being herded.I hope she's happy. Bye bye, Abi.