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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Your healthy dose of North Dakoota

Well I think we will just admit it: we are horrible bloggers and so(again) the responsibility falls to me to post. These are a bit random, but just some pictures from the end of the summer and beginning of school and such.

Here we are celebrating Xander's birthday with him. It was a pretty good party. :D

These are the sister that were living with us before they were taken out of our area, Sister Kozlowski and Sister Parkinson. We miss them.

A North Dakota storm, unlike any other place. We had hail...well I'll just show you!

Reading Breaking Dawn, yes at the same time. At least we were able to share.

FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!! For those of you who weren't aware, Suzie started 7th grade and I started my sophomore year, both of us transitioning to different schools.

Here are a couple of Suzie being all cute and sassy. :D
...And her 18 inch long hair!!

(Flash backs AJ??)

And we cannot forget Abi, the most neglected member of our family(though mom would disagree on her being a "member").

I thought you would all like to see mom's reaction to her amazing present. Thank you to all who contributed. It "made her day" (yes, she said that).