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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Mel was in the Trib. And Suzie won at State.

So, people here in ND saw it, but all y'all who live elsewhere can look it up: Melanie made the life section front of the Bismarck Tribune, but not because she won anything. (Well, I guess it's all in how you look at life. Real life, not the newspaper section...:) The school newspaper that Alisa wrote for back in the day did an issue on teen drinking and drugs; Mel was featured for her choice not to do either, and the Tribune used it Sunday, March 28. So, thanks to Bailey Carlson, Mel had her moment in the limelight just for being herself: a great girl who's living what she knows is right!
If you want to see the story, go to the Tribune's webpage (, search for "Teen lives life the Straight Edge way", and click story. [Or go to the comments, where AJ gives the direct info. Cool,smart kids. Not so much the mom.]There was a picture in the paper - not there in the online version - but it really didn't do her justice.

Oh, and Suzie won first place, overall and in all four events, at the state USA Gymnastics meet. I don't think she was in the paper, though... [Again, if you're really into this - as sibs often are - check AJ's comment for directions to the quite obscure but nevertheless validating info about Suzie's wins. Thanks, AJ! And thanks for pushing me to learn how for another time...]


Whew. Had to get that out of my system.
And just so you know, that photo is a totally unrelated shot in Chicago. Like the L'ego guy next to them?

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Have these April Fools really been married 33 years??!

The aging process is all over us, but in ways that are important we are better people than we were on our first April Fool's Day together. I'm grateful he's hung in there with me, and I'm glad I've hung in there with him -- we sure have a lot to show for our years together!
So here's to 33 more years, my love - on the way to infinity and beyond!