The North Dakota Coxes (Four of us left)

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Thursday, April 02, 2009

March went out like a Lion, for sure -- with teeth and claws! And, 32 years doesn't seem so long anymore...

"We saw these photos", you're saying; "Get off the snow fixation, already," you're saying; "Winter is over," you're saying... Well, I'd like to be saying it ain't so, but winter is back with a vengeance, in a storm reminiscent of the April '97 blizzard -- but this time the flooding and blizzards were together. We're thankful we personally didn't deal with flood, though Bismarck on the lower end did. But all of the snow in these pictures is new as of the past week - most of it Sunday night (Mar.29) and Monday: almost 20 inches in a two-day shutdown. The 16+ hours from Packards that I mentioned in the last post was made possible by the 3 hours it took to go from Jamestown to Bismarck (90 miles) on an interstate that should have been closed... crazy heavy snowfall and slick roads made for the worst driving experience Ben, and even Tim, have experienced. Sorry I have no flooding pictures, but you can go to to see all you want. (Fargo got it pretty bad, De and Kat. I can actually say I'm glad you weren't still there.) We are fractions away from an all-time snow record (101.6 inches), and all around me are people who want more snow, just to break the record!! And we probably will get it. We MUST be in North Dakota!

AND, just so you know, Tim and I have been married 32 years (that number's a little eerie, because I remember pictures of my GRANDPARENTS celebrating 32 years... But I'm not getting old - no way). That's as of Wednesday, April 1 (Yep, we're still April Foolin' around). I have to say, I like the guy better than ever, and apparently he's still okay with me, so here's to 32 more on our way to a million -- that might be just a good start!

For obvious reasons (we're no Brad and Angelina, y'know), we don't do many photo opps; this one is from last summer in AZ, on a camping trip, hot and sweaty... you get the idea. We look lots better clean and primped - and in our imaginations! ;->

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I haven't had enough fun...

Take two days (plus a bit more, thanks to Tim, Ben and the girls taking Friday off), drive 16+ hours, combine four families (if you count us ND Coxes as a separate family), assuring that six of the 16 are two or younger, toss them all in a one-bathroom house, and you've got a recipe for chaos, right?

But it was great. Yes, it was often loud and crazy at times; sure, there was fighting between the twobies; sleep was in short supply; and structure was a notion for another time and place. But, given all the circumstances mentioned, we had a wonderful weekend, sweetened by the sacrifice made by all (the Adamzes drove 12 hours, and Packards opened their home to the mob) to make it happen. We even made it to church on time, and enhanced the numbers for Packards' branch (counting March numbers to try to qualify for a REAL church building--just one of the reasons for this random gathering), and made some fun memories while Bemarlyles are at our end of the world!

Two-year old cousins, moms and babies (Ems & Myles' picture is actually at our house; Ems, why did you hide?), and one of the BANG episodes...

...and dancing toddlers to complete the fun! (There was also a whole lotta shakin' goin' on with the --hhmmpphh-- adults and Guitar Hero, but that one will be left to history - or someone else's post... )
Thanks, Packards, Adamzes, Bemarlyles, and Tim and the Teens for a short but Suh-WEET weekend!