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Monday, November 10, 2008

Let's move to Portland --- October was full -- November is too...

Anyone viewing our blog knows our kids and the recent excitement in their lives -- new babies especially -- and can check their sites for the delightful evidence. But since most of my October was spent away from home, spending time with Shan's family (who were joined by Glenn's parents before I left), as well as AJ's (she had dental surgery, not a baby, but got a visit from me nevertheless), and though I can't add pictures of Ben's li'l spook (I wasn't there for Myles, but Em's wonderful parents were, so all is well), I will add some views of Seattle (including Dan, Emmi, and their little Reid!)and Oregon, where I went with Tim for just over a week. And because we're well into November (shaping up to be another busy month, for various reasons, including my return to teaching gymnastics) before I even manage to blog the October fun, well... we'll see if I can crow about November before Christmas arrives. Are you (in between the parenthetical phrases)getting the message here, or is clarity even possible from this brain or these hands?? Never mind... On to the pictures!

AJ advertising her liquid diet after wisdom teeth removal - but no chipmunk cheeks!

AJ and Josh both enjoy that James is getting SO big! (But Stella knows he's the little guy - she even tried to help mommy by changing his diaper...)

Here's Isaac showing his Adamz sense of humor; Shan enjoying time with her new baby before returning home to the overwhelming joys found in mothering two;

And the bigger-just-means-better, new improved Adamz family, along with their Bishop and Grandpa Adamz, just after Isaac's blessing.

After spending time with the Packards and Adamzes, I went home to make sure Mel and Suzie remembered me before leaving again... Tim and I headed for Seattle, saw the sites and the sweet little Fillmore family.
Thanks, Dan and Emmi, for spending time with us - and for sharing your honey of a boy!

Let's all move to Portland! I just couldn't drink in enough --it was so beautiful there! (But of course, Autumn is gorgeous almost anywhere...)

I made friends with a 70-yr. old Russian immigrant named Havel the day I visited the rose garden, so I asked him to pose with one of the roses. He was running for public office, but I'm pretty sure his ideas and style didn't win him a position...
One of my favorite things was the Pittock Mansion, a uniquely beautiful home on a hillside overlooking Portland, where the forest literally surrounded the homes and streets. I took hoardes of pictures there, but these are a sampling. Notice the flaming red tree through the glass in the house... So much breathtaking scenery, I was ... breathless. ;-}

Sorry, I still don't have the hang of picture and caption placement. In my next life, I plan to be brilliant...