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Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Honey, and Other people I can't live without

Happy Birthday and Happy Father's Day, Tim-Chucks! (They always come close together, so it's usually a big weekend for him...) Here are just a few of the reasons I love you:

You made it possible to have all these adorable grandkids (two of whom are missing from this picture -the two youngest, both girls who are helping to even the score...)- and they keep coming!

You are learning to relax and enjoy the sweet moments...

You're creative, and focus well on a goal... And help teach little people to work with you

You're a fun guy (Once again, the grandchilluns seem to bring it out)

You bought a house with a pool because you knew I would love it! (thank goodness everyone else does too)

Though it's sad we can't all be together all the time (like we were in AZ recently, where we got to welcome our sweet, newest family member),

You've got three generations of love comin' atcha, baby!

So keep it comin, 'cause the fun's just begun!