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Sunday, May 27, 2012

I'm so predictable... However lovely, it's still a rut

Mel is home from BYU for the summer. No pics. Suzie had a great soccer season. No pics. (Well, nothing to show off - but see below...)Tim and I quietly celebrated 35 years of marriage. No pics. Lots of pictures of sunsets. I am so predictable, so I guess it's a rut... Nevertheless, I do have some silly and some pleasant images to share on this family photo album disguised as a blog. See what you think...
Suzie reacting to the goal point that lost them the championship. She rocked all season, but in the end was defeated by an opposing goalie who got to the ball a nano-second before her, every time; and a defender on the other team who was probably instructed, "Don't let Suzie Cox get that ball!" By the way, the winning team was also Century, so it's slightly okay. Go CHS!
Does this NEED any explanation?? (It's the exterior shell of two lightbulbs he's playing with, in case you were curious.)
This is Suzie's serious soccer walk. Just thought you'd want to see it (Since I have no awesome action shots. Woe is me).
It's so hard to catch the true, rich color and stunning clarity of a sunset. Sigh. Still, I will share some more because - well, because I want to...
And, last but far from least, here are some smiles/smile makers from the most recent AZ trip:
Don't they make it all worth it? Indubitably. Sorry it's not everyone. I always want equal coverage but seldom achieve it. Life is like that. Thanks for visiting!

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